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Corroseal Rust Converter has many marine, automotive, industrial, and household applications. Below are some photos of how Corroseal can be used to convert rust.

Proper application of Corroseal Rust Converter

Before and After Corroseal Rust Converting Primer

Storage tank before rust conversion with Corroseal

A rusted, weathered, and unattractive storage tank.

Storage tank after rust conversion with Corroseal

The same storage tank after an application of Corroseal Rust Converting Primer.

Storage tank after rust conversion with Corroseal and top coat of paint

The storage tank after Corroseal Rust Converting Primer and a top coat of Silicone Alkyd from Rodda Paint Co..

Please visit us on the web at www.corroseal.com or call (800) 237-1573

"We used Corroseal to save some ornamental iron that was to be used on a customers front porch. Corroseal saved us hours of sandblasting and prep work. I would recommend this product to anyone! Thank you so much."
- Kevin S., Orlando, Florida

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