Corroseal Photo Gallery

Corroseal Rust Converter has many marine, automotive, industrial, and household applications. Below are some photos of how Corroseal can be used to convert rust.

Proper Application of Corroseal Rust Converter

Corroseal is applied by brush, roll or spray in a heavy white coat with no surface show through at 8-10 mils wet film thickness. When black color appears, rust conversion has started.

Corroseal forms a purple black to black surface over rusted areas when dried. Wait 24 hours for Corroseal to cure, before top coating.

Before and After Corroseal Rust Converting Primer

A rusted press tank before surface preparation and Corroseal application.

The same press tank after application of Corroseal rust converting primer. The tank is now ready to be top coated.

A rusted, weathered, and unattractive storage tank.

The same storage tank after an application of Corroseal Rust Converting Primer.

The storage tank after Corroseal Rust Converting Primer and a top coat of Silicone Alkyd from Rodda Paint Co..

A decorative farmhouse water wheel, rusted and weathered.

Farmhouse water wheel after being restored with Corroseal Rust Converter.